1) All bookings are confirmed only when an email or text confirmation has been sent. Payment is made to driver on day unless otherwise stated.


2) Cancellations should be made in writing via text or email to the company. Minimum of 12 hours in advance or a 100 % fee will apply. 

3) Whilst the company will make every effort to arrive punctually at your address and the destination, we cannot be responsible for late arrival, breakdowns, Road or traffic problems or circumstances beyond our control. The company will not be responsible for any financial impact that a delay might cause through missed connections or any other issue beyond our control. 

4) It is down to customers to contact the company as soon as any changes happen. I.e missed flight, re routed etc full payment will be required. Including any out of pocket expenses if office has not been contacted by phone. 

5) As a company we advises that you take out or get cover with adequate travel insurance. The company will endeavour to supply an alternative vehicle if your vehicle becomes unavailable due to no fault of our own. If we are unable to supply a similar vehicle we will offer a full refund.

6) We operate a no food or drink and non smoking policy in all our vehicles. Please note if we do find people eating drinking or smoking a fee of £100 will be charged per vehicle. For the vehicle to be 're cleaned and ready for the roads.


7) Soilage , damage or sickness to any vehicle will charged at a minimum fee of £150. The hired will be responsible for this and the conduct or all passengers. Acts of vandalism or malicious damaged caused to any of our vehicles will be faced with police charges.

8) At any time we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the vehicle. This will be done at the fist available service station.

9 )Our drivers will choose the best route based on knowledge, experience and satellite navigation. If a request for a different  route is made by the hirer then this will result in extra mileage or journey time so a charge or fee will be made.

10) Any alterations made to the booking on or before the event will incur an extra charge. Extra stops, collections, coffee/food breaks or smoking stops will incur an extra charge.

11) As a company we do not tolerated violence, foul language, intimidation or any form of any-social behaviour towards the drivers or our company this will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of the service and police will be called.

12) All prices are set by the company. But drivers have the right to ask for any out of pocket expenses. Ie cleaning, car parking etc

13) Our drivers will check the vehicle/s for passenger/s belongings left in the vehicle. We will not be held responsible for any item broken during the journey or left in the vehicle after the service. It is up to the hirer to ensure they have all their belongings with them at the end of the journey. if anything is left behind and we have to return a fee will be charged to drop off. 

14) We ask if any children need car seats that the hirer provides this. We can store car seats at the office whilst on your travels and return this to you on your return. Free of charge if you travel both ways with us. If we return seats to a different address prior to your return a fee May apply and be subject to a minimum £15. Fee. 

15) If company car seats are used it's down to the hirer to check the seats and to fit them to the vehicle. 

16) The company offers a policy of total discretion for all clients. Our drivers will not discuss who travelled, when, or with whom unless authorised to do so.


17)If a vehicle is used for a wedding, Party, special occasion or Prom hire we do from time to time take photographs and publish them on our company literature, facebook, social media or website. If you do not wish to have your images used by us please make us aware of this in writing prior to the event.

​18) Arriving flights have 60 minutes free chauffeur waiting time after the landing, after which a waiting fee will be charged at £12 per hour or part hour.  Plus extra car parking costs which depends on location.  If clients fail to advise of a change of flight or have given wrong timings dates or flight number the charge is still payable in full. There is no charge for rearranged flights if advised beforehand minimum 24hrs notice.

19) London Congestion Charges when applicable, car parking fees, road toll fees, Meet and Greet,  hotel/overnight expenses are all additional charges. Please check at time if booking. 

20) We reserve the right to add or amend our terms and conditions at any time.